Artist #1 and a huge inspiration - Greg Pattillo!

The godfather of beatbox flute is the consummate grossgenre musician, seamlessly moving from in depth knowledge of classical repertoire to an authentic sense of groove and crazy beatboxing!
I always play the Badinerie for introduction to music students to show them flute, and Bach can be cool, man

Pattillo has a masters in flute performance from the Cleaveland Institute of Music and works on this blend in a variety of ways. Here he is as a soloist in Randal Woolf's "Native Tongues", a concerto for beatbox flute and string orchestra. I like the James Bond vibe, the combination of rich string chords with the steady beat (how 'bout that stamina? I can't beatbox 4 bars without getting tired...) and the versatile flute.

My favorite is Pattillo's current project, "Project Trio". Now there are 3 genre hopping musicians (Eric Stephenson - cello, and Peter Seymour - double bass), doing both interpretations of classical music their own way and creating their own genre blending music.

Check out this Nutcracker interpretation, it is so versatile and they hop around between straight classical, jazz and hip hop so effortlessly. Great energy.

I also love the original "cherry blossom", so pretty

Check out their websites and support their work - and


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