Here we go! Good music is everywhere!

I've been thinking about starting this blog for a long time, every time anyone asks me "so what kind of music do you do?" which sends me on an unsure tangent of "well I compose both classical music and perform as a singer/songwriter, you see, I live in both worlds and don't like to divide them, my songs have a lot of classical in them and my concert pieces have a lot of rock and blues in them"... not so catchy... I've been asking other colleagues who live in these two worlds and they also talk about struggling with definitions.

Can I just state I HATE the word "crossover". I don't think this is the right definition for us. When I think "crossover" I'm thinking a violinist or opera singer performing flashy classical greatest hits with some drums and synth. I find that cheapens classical music and approaches pop music as an outsider.

But this new generation of musicians knows who to phrase Brahms just as much as programming beats, it's all an extension of one musical thought.
I take some issue with "contemporary classical music" because it has become so intellectual it is virtually unlistenable and unenjoyable to the common audience (and hence, "elitist"). However there are classical musicians do find ways to innovate and stay approachable, enjoyable and inclusive of people from all walks of life. This is the kind of music none.note is working on and this is the kind of music I will highlight in this blog. So if you're up for interesting, intelligent, thoughtful, heartfelt and genre-blending journey, here it is, sharing the work of those musicians with you and pining for a word that defines what we're about. For now, I'll call it "crossgenre".

Here we go!


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